Cannot cut-copy-paste

My version of HedgeDoc is: docker 1.9.6

What I expected to happen:

Be able to cut text with ctrl-x, copy text ctlr-c, paste text ctrl-v.

What actually happened:

Nothing happens.

I already tried:

Searching posts and docs.
The demo at works. It does allow cut copy paste.

Hey @dgleba,

any log output in the browser console or the server that could be of interest?
How exactly are you running HedgeDoc? I suppose you use a reverse proxy exposing the docker container to the internet? Maybe you can provide us with a bit more info. With the current info it’s hard to help you.


Setup: HedgeDog Docker (, Postgres, Traefik as ReverseProxy

Same problem here. Its seams to be a problem with multiline copy-and-past. For Example, this text here crash the container. I cant see any error messages, but the [...]info: HTTP Server listening at[...] message after a failed past.

I have a similar problem and I think it’s the same root cause. After a bit of work, I’ve discovered that if you copy-paste a large amount of text (such as multiline), it causes the server to fail and restart, just like @foorschtbar

By using a logged in user, and ensuring that I provide a session secret, even when the container crashes and restarts, my client will finish the copy-paste and insert the multiline data. There’s a bit of delay, and the webapp shows OFFLINE for a moment, but then everything’s fine.

With debug logs, I found that the moment I copy-paste into the web client, the following happens on the server… it looks very similar to a crash but I don’t know.

2023-05-02T00:53:53.214Z debug: 	dmp worker process started
2023-05-02T00:53:54.228Z info: 	All migrations performed successfully
2023-05-02T00:53:54.265Z info: 	HTTP Server listening at
2023-05-02T00:53:54.297Z debug: 	AUTH success cookie: REDACTED
2023-05-02T00:53:54.319Z info: 	deserializeUser:REDACTED
2023-05-02T00:53:54.379Z debug: 	read history success: REDACTED
2023-05-02T00:53:54.541Z debug: 	SERVER received [REDACTED] user status from [REDACTED]: {"idle":false,"type":"lg"}