Getting session cookie for login route (400 Bad request)

I am trying to get the session cookie for a curl-request in order to obtain the user history (in form of the json file). I was using Insomnia (an equivalent to Postman) to create a POST request to following URL (“https://servernameWWW/login”) with the two parameters “email” and “password”. I am receiving a 400 Bad Request something not right. as response from my server

Forgot to mention that I am using hedgedoc:1.8.2 and that i’ve tried to send POST request with both parameters (email/password) by defining the header as content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

I can’t see how that differs from looking into the network tab of web inspector for normal email login (-> it’s also using the /login route and the urlencoded form data)