Help wanted: UI/UX Designers

HedgeDoc is an online markdown editor that helps you to write personal notes, meeting minutes, articles, create slide-shows and more together with colleagues, friends or family in real-time.
Check out our website or the demo for more information.

Right now, we’re working on a complete rewrite of HedgeDoc.
Our plans for HedgeDoc 2 include not only a code rewrite but also a new user interface.
The UI in HedgeDoc 1 has not held up with the feature-richness of the application. Some features are hidden or don’t work as expected on first sight. This is why we want to overhaul the design, unify the interface and make it easier to extend.
HedgeDoc 2 will be something brand new and we want it to look like that.

Therefore, the HedgeDoc frontend team is looking for help to create a intuitive user experience and a modern design.

Our goals for HedgeDoc 2:

  • We want a new, more consistent application layout. Right now the intro and the history page are very different from the editor. Instead of an application that looks like patchwork, we want a well considered layout with a concept. Everything can be changed. We encourage you to think outside of the box.
  • We want to rework the editor page layout. Some features in HedgeDoc 1 are misplaced or hidden and not easy to find. The new layout concept should also include where to put which feature and button.
  • The new interface should be accessible, inclusive and mobile-friendly.
  • We want a new theme. Feel free to change colors, sizes, spacings, etc. If you need some inspiration then you can take a look at the design on our website or read the logo guidelines.

Personal Requirements:

  • You don’t have to write code. You can create your drafts in any other software, as long as you can present the results to our frontend team and can explain what should happen and why.
  • You don’t have to come up with a complete concept right away, even not fully worked out contributions that show your idea are helpful.
  • We don’t earn money with developing HedgeDoc. It’s something we do in our free time. Therefore we can’t pay you.

The current state of the new user interface is available on Not every feature is implemented yet.

If you’re interested in helping us with one or more of our goals (or know someone) then contact us on Matrix (preferred), Twitter or Mastodon.
The frontend team is happy to have a talk with you about our vision, the requirements and (upcoming) features.

See you soon!

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Incidentally, yesterday I was looking into creating a local development environment and a test deployment for

alongside each other for an early peek into the current state of development and to enable quick interventions with the code in a workable state. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a boilerplate that would allow me to get started quickly. Can we begin a similarily named develop branch for version two in

and prepare instructions for both, development and deployment, prior to the release? The rationale here would be to lower entry barriers for new developers and designers to productively join the project.

Also a documentation page that describes the movable parts and software architecture may help to identify interaction points for third parties without having to reverse engineer the stack by themselves. This could happen in a similarily named develop branch on:

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Hi, I’m Max, I’m a Sr Product Designer doing my first steps into the contribution side of the open-source world. I recently found HedgeDoc, and let me say that it is an awesome tool, so first of all: thank you all for the great work :raised_hands:. If you’re still looking for some help here I would love to get involved. I also joined the Matrix room so I’ll introduce myself there too.


We’re looking forward to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: See you in !