Starting HedgeDoc v2 (develop branch)

My version of HedgeDoc is: “latest develop branch” version 2.0

What I expected to happen:

Start backend and frontend code together.

What actually happened:

I’m running on terminal:
yarn start:dev:mock (frontend?)
yarn start:dev (backend?)
However I can’t run both at same time, I guess it’s because I have to use caddy? but following theses instructions hedgedoc/ at develop · hedgedoc/hedgedoc · GitHub, I didn’t manage to do it.

I already tried:
I’m trying to run:
sudo caddy reverse-proxy --from hedgedoc.localhost --to localhost:3000
But it looks like it’s not solving backend_frontend problem.

I would like to have more accurate guide about how to launch frontend and backend together with coddy thank you.

The document you’ve linked contains a quick guide and a more detailed version. If you follow the quick guide you should be able to start everything at once without a manual configuration of caddy.

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At the end of quick guide I’m getting that error when I’m typing localhost:8080 after yarn start:dev

There is an error in the document. The .env file belongs into the root directory (where the .env.example file is) and not into the backend directory.

Please also make sure that you’ve fetched the latest version of the develop branch. A commit hash would be more helpful than “latest develop branch” :sweat_smile:

I’ve created a pull request that corrects the docs.

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