We're looking for a new slogan

Hello Markdown Enthusiasts,

we’re still working eagerly on HedgeDoc 2.0 and hope that we will be able to release the first public alpha version soon. During the development, we noticed that we’ve changed the name from CodiMD to HedgeDoc, the logo from the document icon to our lovely hedgehog, but we haven’t changed our slogan.
The slogan “The best platform to write and share Markdown.”, which is present on the landing page of every HedgeDoc instance, is still the same since our split from the other CodiMD.

We want to launch HedgeDoc 2.0 with a new slogan and we want to involve the community into this process.

And this is where you come in:

We invite you to suggest a new slogan. It should be concise, about HedgeDoc, Markdown and/or collaborative editing.
You can send in your suggestions by replying to this post.
If you have multiple ideas or variations of the same idea, please put them into one reply. Feel free to edit anytime.

After two weeks on July 9, 2023, we – the core developer team - will choose a new slogan from the submitted suggestions. The selected slogan will be used in HedgeDoc 2.

So be creative and send us your ideas.

Thank you for your attention.


The HedgeDoc Developers


That’s exciting!

There are several things to consider in a slogan. Do we want more informative or more catchy? Do we target a broad audience or primarily technical people? For example, Markdown syntax is obviously foundational to HedgeDoc, but is it worth putting “Markdown” in the slogan? The scientists I work with like HedgeDoc but did not necessarily know what Markdown was (or care) prior to adopting it.

I suggest this informative yet boring slogan:

HedgeDoc: a feature-rich, collaborative editor providing freedom and control over your data

The target audience for this slogan would be people like me, who research and choose what software to promote/deploy for their organization, and not so much the end-users who would rarely if ever visit the HedgeDoc project website.

The inclusion of a phrase like “freedom and control over your data” is crucial in my opinion, because those are typically what motivate someone to seek anything other than Google Docs or GitHub wikis or any number of commercial alternatives that appear to be “free” to an organization. In other words, the capabilities of HedgeDoc are impressive on their own, but in my opinion it is not compelling enough without touting the FOSS qualities that give it an advantage over most alternatives.

The slogan doesn’t have to relate to ALL topics but it should be somehow related to our vision. And that is free collaborative markdown editing.

Personally I would prefer something catchy that is memorable. (And not only because I wanna create a t-shirt design :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). But so far just let your creativity flow. If you can argue why a long boring one would be better, i would still love to hear your points. If you have catchy ideas, post them as well. They also doesn’t need to be explained in every detail. But it would definitely help.

It also doesn’t need to be technical.

Embrace your spikes ! Bringing markdown to the next level.

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Write and Collaborate without limits.

Hatch your documents together.

Spike up your collaborative markdown game.

Come on, let’s write something together.

Did collaborative markdown editing just get good?

Roll your docs on the web, together

I think we should use the heart in the HedgeDoc logo and make our new slogan either:

We :heart: Markdown


We :heart: Collaboration

Wherever possible the heart should be taken from the HedgeDoc logo, but in all other instances we would use the heart emoji (:heart:).

This slogan is short and to the point. It’s also (especially if we use Collaboration instead of Markdown) not overly technical.

“Collaborate freely in markdown”

The three main selling points in four words.

The edgy place to read and write the web!


  • Letting ideas grow.
  • Letting your ideas grow.
  • Let ideas grow.
  • Let ideas grow. Together.
  • Ideas grow together.
  • Because ideas grow together.
  • Ideas will come together.


  • One idea at a time.
  • All at once at a time.
  • Read it. Think it. Edit.


  • Markdown spiked up.

My Idea for a new Slogan is. Give space to thoughts together!

These are the best I could come up with:

  • Markdown together.
  • Compose Content Collaboratively.

I suggest a very simple “Write and share markdown together”

The new slogan has been decided