All notes vanished


I am using Hedgedoc Demo instance.

Today, all my notes but one which was open at the time have vanished.

I already tried logging out and back in, also from the private mode.

Could you give me a hint how I can restore the notes?

Hello @AnnaLukina,

we usually don’t delete notes on the demo instance. However, as stated in the information about the demo instance we cannot give any guarantees for the notes created there and therefore explicitly recommend to not use this instance for important notes.
I’m not sure for your case whether the notes itself have vanished or just the link to them from the history page. In the latter case, your notes are probably still there, but you need to find the URL for them for example in your local browser’s history.

I’m sorry for not being able to help you more in that regard, but once again can just recommend using an own instance for important notes.