Any plans to support note editing via API?

I had a look at the API docs and it does not seem that there is a way of editing a note via the API.

This would be very good for our use case (lab book in a scientific experiment) as it would allow a bot to add plots and data to the labbook.
A simple “append to note” API would suffice!

I understand such an API might lead to unexpected behavior, like the bot dumping stuff in the note while someone is writing (unlike a human that would see that editing is in progress), but i feel that it is still a useful feature to have. Even a broken feature would be better than nothing i think. The conflicts could be worked around (e.g. bot checks that no edits have been done in last 15 seconds before posting).

Is there anyone else that would like a similar API?

HedgeDoc 2 (the rewrite we’re currently working on) will feature a full rest API.
There is no way right now to do this in HedgeDoc 1 via API.

Awesome! That’s great to hear!
Looking forward to v2 then!