Breaking one of the 15 tests while running yarn test command

My version of HedgeDoc is: `latest on github’

What I expected to happen:

I’m trying to break of thoses 15 tests:

What actually happened:

They still passes.

I already tried:

Erase files randomly as reveal.js.

Where should I put my attention on? where are located the methods used to pass thoses test in which file precisely? thank you.

The very few test cases in HedgeDoc 1 are testing some backend functions that are defined in the lib directory.
There are no tests for the frontend which resides in the public directory.

This is one of the points we’ve drastically increased in HedgeDoc 2.

But why do you try to break those tests?

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Hi, thank you for your answer, as a student in computer engineering i’m getting introduced to free software therefore I’m trying to learn any aspect of HedgeDoc that include adding personnal features and trying to break some auto-test.

Tbh: if you wanna know more about free software I don’t know if HedgeDoc 1 is the best choice :sweat_smile:. The code is very messy, not really organized and fragile as hell. There is a reason why we’re rewriting it from scratch. You could take a look at the branch “develop” which contains the code for HedgeDoc 2. It may be a bit more complex because it consists of more components, but it’s using recent technology and has a way higher test coverage.
If you have questions about the code of HedgeDoc 1 or 2 or our repository structure then feel free to join our matrix dev channel

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