Browse Documents that available on the instance

Good day all HedgeDoc’ers,

I just wanted to find out if there is a way to browse documents in the instance that a user has permissions to but has never visited or created?

I would like to use my instance as a document server for processes etc but the thing that I cannot seem to find is the ability to find documents that a user has not accessed before?

P.S. Tell me if this is not the intended purpose of HedgeDoc :wink:

Looking forward to hearing what you great minds say about it?

Hello @Stillie,

welcome to the community forum.

This is currently not possible, but is a intended feature for HedgeDoc 2.


Thank you for the welcome, I have been here for a while but never created an account just did lurking :wink:

Ah that’s fantastic to hear! Going to keep a close eye on V2 and SUPER excited for it