Bypassing the login in the docker image

My team is creating an online tutorial platform for our university’s computing department and we decided to use HedgeDoc to allow the professors to create the markdowns for their interactive tutorials (one example of such tutorials is: Katacoda. The whole system is using Keycloack for authentication. When we try to open the docker container locally, after enabling Keycloack, we see that we have to log in every time manually.
How can we integrate it into the system so that it logs in automatically (as the teacher will only have the privilege to access HedgeDoc), and access their respective dashboards?
The flow will be: The teacher logs in using KeyCloack backend → Access his dashboard in the system which will have different options of creating the markup, setting up the vscode container, etc required for their tutorial → Teacher access the HedgeDoc (say) → Hedgedoc automatically logs in the teacher and shows him his hedgedoc dashboard.

Hello @SSdevelop,

as one user of our chat pointed out there is integration documentation for authentik, which you may be able to adapt to Keycloack. HedgeDoc | authentik