Can CodiMD publish directly on GitHub Pages?

Dear Community!

I just registered after many google searches and also after searching this forum…

I’m running into the limitations of the built-in wiki-features of GitHub. Now I’m considering to host my own instance of CodiMD/HedgeDoc and will be using it to create project open-source documentation for two projects on GitHub.

I have seen that HackMD provides the possibility to publish the documentation straight to the GitHub-Pages without the need for any manual actions.

Is this also possible with CodiMD/HedgeDoc?

Thank you in advance, cheers,

Hello Igor,

Welcome to the community!

We currently don’t have a direct integration with GitHub and therefore can’t publish content directly to GitHub pages.

However you can use copy&paste to bring your content there. It’s not as convienient as a direct integration, but such an integration could come up in the future.

To make sure we keep track of it, feel free to open an issue in the HedgeDoc repository at:

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