Cannot reply by email in mailing list mode


I have enabled mailing list mode in my user setting and I receive me messages via email as expected (only one from this message since now).

I see the Reply-To header in the emails is set to <> so reply (and post) by email is not possible.

Please can you provide a valid Reply-To so people can also reply by email?

Thanks for the attention!

Best regards. Giovanni.


For me is very important to receive via email all messages from forums I’m subscribed to; this way I can use my preferred MUA to read, search and tag all my messages. In my case I’m using notmuch and I’m very happy with it, for example I’m able to do a full text search of my whole inbox containing 561939 messages in more or less 25/30 secs. This is the reason I’m using Discourse with mailing list mode and thank you for having enabled this.

Anyway I’d also like to be able to use my MUA to reply to messages received via Discourse, since I’m very happy with the editor used by my MUA (also supporting Markdown syntax) and I find less efficient to use the browser and the Discourse editor to do the same.

After a lot of communication and thanks to the help of (our hosting provider), today I can tell: Opening a new topic by email works for existing accounts using and in general replying by email should work now as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea and when there is a problem, feel free to reach out here.