codiMD production mode without domain name

My version of CodiMD is: Sequelize CLI [Node: 10.15.2, CLI: 5.5.1, ORM: 5.21.3]

What I expected to happen:

Login with LDAP credentials.

What actually happened:

When I started to run in production mode and tried to login with my credentials, no result were appearing whether it success full or went wrong.

I already tried:

"domain": "<hostname>:3000",
        "loglevel": "info",
        "hsts": {
            "enable": true,
            "maxAgeSeconds": 31536000,
            "includeSubdomains": true,
            "preload": true
        "ldap": {
            "url": "ldap://<url>:<port>",
            "bindDn": "userid",
            "bindCredentials": "passwd",
            "searchBase": "provided the right values",
            "searchFilter": "(cn={{username}})",
            "searchAttributes": provided list of values,
            "usernameField": "cn",
            "useridField": "provided right value"

I have been using the same LDAP for other application, it is working well with other applications.

The only change here is the domain name.

My concern:

  1. CodiMD application is running but I am not able to login with LDAP credentials. do we need to have domain name mandatory to run in production?
  2. My other application is working with LDAP without a domain name.
  3. when I try to login with LDAP credentials, it is not redirecting to anywhere just a login home is appearing, no errors were shown in logs.

can you please help us with the LDAP set up without a domain name.

I think you should not have the port in the domain setting. If you want to provide CodiMD on port 3000 your config should look like:

"domain": "<your-hostname>",
"urlAddPort": true,

You dont need to configure the port since 3000 is the default already.


Thanks a lot. It is working now. Is there any documentation where it is documented. I had went through lot of GitHub issues and config but I haven’t came across this config. Can you please any document, it will be helpful in the future for reference.

This is the reference documentation for the configs: