Compare any two document versions

If working on a document HedgeDoc (at least in my case) automatically saves the current version of the document every 10 minutes. This is a nice feature but I struggle to properly make use of the version control.
The problem is that HedgeDoc only allows to see the diffs between two adjacent versions ( e.g. time1 and time2). So if I am working on a document for one hour it is not possible to see the diffs between my current version and the initial version (time1 and time6) at a glance.
Am I missing something here or is this intended?
What I am looking for is an option to easily compare any two versions.


Hello @wiesehahn,

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I think your right and currently it is not possible to just compare any two commits as the revisions view was intended to see what was changed at this particular time (at least that is my guess).

If you need this feature right now, you can download the states at the specific times and just use any diff tool to see what has changed between them. I know this is not too convenient, but at least it get’s you the info you currently need.

I think we should probably think about, if this is something we want to implement down the line.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention

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