Configure the View Pane with Custom CSS?

My version of HedgeDoc is: latest (1.9.9)

Hello! I’m trying to configure my HedgeDoc instance so that it displays with a certain font and a few other stylistic changes that should really help me and my team out in the long run.

Basically, we use a specific font and colorways to disseminate emails out to other teams, but we work collaboratively on the email content before finalizing, exporting the contents as HTML, then pasting the HTML into a service called Marketo to send to the various recipients.

What I’d like to do is have the HTML stylized when we export so it’s a direct plug and play situation with Marketo. Right now, we’re forced to paste the HTML into Marketo, then change a lot of the colors, table columns, and fonts before we’re able to send.

Is there a simple way to specify a stylesheet across all of Hedgedoc?

I think my preference would be to have some sort of CSS or whatever that stays on the Docker host, which Hedgedoc references to render all pages. This would include text justification, Header colors, fonts, and table formatting (column headers with bold text on a blue background, etc).