Customizing the landing page

Awesome project! Excited to have it up and running. I’m curious about customizing the landing page and I didn’t see details about doing this in the documentation. Thanks for any insights!

I was wondering on how I might:

Disable the Intro page entirely to only show History
or, completely re-write the Intro page
or, default the front page to History rather than Intro view when someone browses to
Is it possible to access the History page via a direct url such as
Is it possible to swap out the existing banner?
Edit or remove Powered by CodiMD | Releases | Source Code
Edit or remove Follow us on GitHub, Discourse, Riot, Mastodon, and POEditor.

  • Love your project, and wondering about configuring these links to relate to our nonprofit.
  • I’d be down to create a new footer which includes more information in general for new users.

First of all, you can not remove the source code link. It’s legally required because the application is AGPL licensed.

Apart from that, we don’t support theming or customization yet. For 2.0 the goal is to allow some light customization i.e. replacing the logo and main branding with an own one. But more is not planned yet.

This has mainly the background that theming makes maintenance a lot harder. Things break all over the place, all the time and we then have to figure out does it break because of the theme or because of something else.

Also, of course we enjoy it when you like CodiMD but why not share this with others? That’s why the social links are in the bottom. One could maybe consider adding a about-codimd page and move all the tool information there, but so far, I also don’t think that the cover page is the wrong place for it.

I think we need to find a balance between customizability and still transporting that it’s CodiMD or whatever our future name might be.

It makes sense, but our users are just confused by the landing page. Changing nothing else, I’d like them to browse directly to History rather than Intro.

I’d be happy to keep the existing options and add additional ones, but it is something I’d certainly want to customize. Discourse (this forum software) is a perfect example of something you can really customize… it is why I see CodiMD in the top left rather than Discourse.

Thanks for considering and giving me the info.


I agree with the above said. Would like to customize just a tiny bit :wink:

I have good news for you there :slight_smile: The Frontend team thought the same and in HedgeDoc (former CodiMD) 2.0 it’ll be possible to do some customization.

If you want to put your weight in or just follow the progress, please check the GitHub issue: