Delete freely note

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.9.9

Is it possible to delete a freely note from web UI?

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If you are the owner of the note (created the note while being logged-in) and you’re logged in now too, you can delete the note by clicking on the dropdown menu next to “freely” and select deleting the note.

If however you created the note as a guest (not logged-in), then there’s no way to delete that note.
You might however ask your instance’s administrator for help.

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Could you please give a hint how an an admin would do that? My admin doesn’t know.

Hi @JPT77!

Deleting a note as an admin is currently only possible via direct operation on the database. The easiest way to find the note in the database is by the “short id”. This can be found in the URL when opening the “publish” view.

Example: There’s a note at that should be deleted. The “Publish” view (button in the top bar) links to Therefore yp1QGycyo is the short id.

Now we can delete this note from the database using SQL:

DELETE FROM "Notes" WHERE shortid = 'yp1QGycyo';

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