Delete Specific Revisions of My Note

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.9.3

What I expected to happen:

Ability to delete a revision of my note via the UI.

What actually happened:

Unable to delete specific revision

I already tried:

I am very new to HedgeDoc and I’m using it for meeting minutes.
When I select a specific Revision, all I see are ‘Cancel’, ‘Download’, and ‘Revert’ options; no ‘Delete’.

Hey @lolaapenna,

welcome to the community forum.

Unfortunatly it’s not possible to remove revisions in the middle as they all are based of one another. If you want to delete the last revision / all revision up to a specific revision in the past, you can just click on the last revision you want to keep and revert to that.

On a different note: You may want to update your HedgeDoc / ask your admin to update, because there are a few updates that happened in the mean time.


Thank you @DerMolly for the clarification.

I shall make a note to notify our admin on the update. :slight_smile: