Extensions to the CodiMD Web API

Hello CodiMD community,

My Name is Daniel and I work for the University of Münster in Germany. In the context of a large-scale pan-european project, we would like to discuss with someone about possible extensions of the CodiMD Web API which we need to be able to use CodiMD in the context of this project. I cannot disclose any more details publically, so I’d be happy if someone from the CodiMD team could reach out to me to have a chat about this!


:wave: Welcome to the community,

Sounds quite interesting, if you want, you can reach out to me, and we either have a more detailed talk using Matrix, which might even results in a video call or you can send me some “direct messages” within the forum in order to discuss.

I’m fine with helping, as long as we can make sure, that the work ends up in the official version and is published to everyone :slight_smile: