Feature request: Live Update or refresh of slides for Digital Signage

Hi, first of all thank you for your great work. Besides the “normal” CodiMD features I am currently exploring the Slideshow features as well and I think I could replace my current digital signage solution with CodiMD/reveal.js.

I created a Slideshow using CodiMD, published it and pointed a full-screen browser to the published URL.

If it would be possible to force the reload of slideshow content at least at the end of the last slide, CodiMD would be a great backend to create gorgious Digital Signage Displays!

In the future I could see CodiMD also becoming a great backend for a digital signage solution. One can use CodiMD to edit and host the digital signage content without the need for commercial reveal.js backends like slides.com

Thanks and keep this good work going!


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