Firefox no text colors in editor

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.8.2 I use it with Firefox 90.0.2 on two different macos 11.4 big sur machines

What I expected to happen:

Run hedgedoc and be able to see my text in the editor input field. Nicely syntax highlighted. At least with a recognizable contrast.

What actually happened:

On one machine everything works as expected. But on the other on there is no syntax highlighting and the font appears black on dark grey background. That makes the text nearly invisible.

I already tried:

I set up a new Firefox user profile with no luck. But using an different account on the same computer worked out.

I can imagine that this might be not a particular hedgedoc issue. But I’d be really happy if someone around here could assist me with a solution.

Thanks in advance

Hey @adrian,
welcome to the HedgeDoc community!

I can’t reproduce this issue on Firefox 90 with Big Sur (via Browserstack).
I’d recommend you to check whether you’ve got any browser extensions such as DarkReader that could interfere. Try to disable these extensions (or simply all) and check whether it works correctly again.


Thank you @ErikMichelson,

I disabled all my add-ons. This did not do the trick. Even a brand new Firefox user profile could not help. Only a fresh macos user account did help. I assume any interference between macos settings and Firefox. But I have no idea how to find this.


OK, I was luckily able to solve this issue myself. As expected, this had nothing to do with hedgedoc. I played around a bit with css inspector. When I switched off font-family for .CodeMirror the font was rendered with the expected colors. After deactivating my local copy of Source Code Pro it still worked even with the original css. I installed a new version of Source Code Pro and now everything works fine.

Thanks a lot, @ErikMichelson, I really enjoy using hedgedoc!


Great to hear that you solved the problem!

Some more details: It seems that some local installed TTF-variants of the font cause the problem. OTF-variants and the TTF from Google Fonts on the other side are reported to work without problems.