Fix-account-missing migration stuck

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.7.2

What I expected to happen:

Following the manual installation guide I expected yarn start to work and start HedgeDoc.

What actually happened:

The fix-account-deletion migration gets stuck at migrating =======.
Yarn connects to the database without issues and performs the first few migrations but gets stuck on that particular migrate.

I already tried:

Using SQLite and MySQL. same issue.

Additional Info

This is a clean install of hedgedoc. The database has never been touched (except for granting privileges etc).

here is the yarn start output:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Fr4ctal-Dev!

If I remember correctly, this issue may appear when config.json does not contain the same database configuration as .sequelizerc. Make sure that is the case.
Also ensure that you set the NODE_ENV environment variable to the same value as the key you used in config.json. For example: If you placed your configuration options under production, you must also set NODE_ENV=production when executing yarn start.

Thanks so much. I was using the full database username instead of splitting the username into username@hostname.