German Spell Check and Auto Suggestions

My version of CodiMD is: GWDG-Pad

What I expected to happen:

  1. I wish to have spell check in German language.

  2. I wish to have automatic suggestions for correct words, when I click on an incorrect word.

What actually happened:

I cannot find both of the options mentioned above.

I already tried:

Googling an answer. There were some suggestions of json-scripts, but I didn’t know how to involve them into the code of my Gwdg-pad and I didn’t know, if they’d work.

Hello @hedge_doctor27,

welcome to the community.

This is currently not possible as HedgeDoc only supports an english spellchecker. In this issue we track the development for a better spellchecker support in 2.0.

I’m very curious what solutions you found through google. Maybe you could link them here?


Achso, ja klar:

Ich weiß nicht mal, ob das überhaupt richtige Solutions sind, kann ich leider noch nicht beurteilen, weil ich ein totaler Anfänger bin … Hoffe, ich habe da jetzt keinen groben Unfug gepostet.

Viele Grüße

Yeah, sure:

Tbh I don’t even know, wether they are real solutions, I just can’t tell, because I’m kind of a beginner … Hope, I didn’t embarrass myself with those links.