Github auth, restrict to specific github group

Is there a way to limit github login to a specific group?
I’d like to set up hedgedoc for our github organization, but have to restrict editing / viewing of (some) pads to maintainers of the project. It’d be fine if this could be done at the “logged in” level and only allow those group members to log in.

I think using authentik as oauth provider allows setting this up, but I’d like to avoid the added complexity (read: I tried but didn’t succeed to get authentik to authenticate for hedgedoc at all).

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.9.6

What I expected to happen:

only members of a specific github organization’s group can log in

What actually happened:

everyone can log in using github

I already tried:

Hello @kaspar030,

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unfortunately this is currently not possible, so I’m afraid you’ll need to use authentik for now.