HedgeDoc 2 Alpha Release

:tada: HedgeDoc 2 Alpha 1 release :tada:

The HedgeDoc Team is proud to announce that the first alpha release of HedgeDoc 2 is now available! HedgeDoc 2 is a complete rewrite of the collaborative markdown editor, which aims to make the codebase more maintainable and adds often-requested features.
We’re still not done, but after three years HedgeDoc 2 is in a state that allows everyone to have a look and test it.

You can check out our revamped documentation pages for setup instructions.
For now, we only support deployment using Docker.

Alternatively, you can try out HedgeDoc 2 on hedgedoc.dev, which always runs the latest code. Please note that this instance is wiped of all data daily.

While basic collaboration should work, there are many features that are still missing from HedgeDoc 2.
You can take a look at the 2.0 milestone for the full list, but here is an overview:

  • General UX is still to be improved, especially on mobile
  • Authorship highlighting is not available
  • User avatars are not fetched from external sources
  • User data export does not work
  • Import and export of note content does not work
  • Screen reader support is inconsistent
  • Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages is incomplete
  • The planned “explore page” which will replace the history page is still missing
  • No translations (everything is currently in English only)

Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to test HedgeDoc 2 and give us feedback. If you try out HedgeDoc 2 and encounter any issues, you’re welcome to report them in our issue tracker, but please check for duplicates first.


What a milestone, congrats :fire: !

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Will there be an option to use the old design with the new backend? Or is the design still in progress? Currently I would definitely prefer the current 1.x design.

It is still in progress. For example the history page will still receive a great refactoring (when becoming the “explore” page). But we’re of course interested: What parts of the design would you like to see changed, reverted, improved, etc?

I just tried to open the old and new UI side by side. The switching between edit/view/both is much simpler and intuitive in the old UI. I can not set the new UI so that the editor is dark and the view is light, which was standard and makes most sense to me. The control panel on the top in the new version looks ugly. I like the new menu on the right side, but overall the old UI is much much better for me :confused:

agreed, new UI need enahance
view/edit mode change button hard to use
old UI is much better

another dark theme’s code block background color is same as note background
it’s hard to read