Hedgedoc and reveal.js : paragraphs align to left by default?

My version of HedgeDoc is: <demo.hedgedoc.org>

What I expected to happen:

I’d like to have paragraphs align to left by default in slide mode, also when published with reveal.js. Actually, all texts are centered, except lists and code.
At least, is it possible to add a code in the beginning of a file to add this feature ?

Hey @semiopat,

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This can be done via a style-tag in your presentation like this:

/* any css you want */

For your specific problem you probably want something like

  p {
      text-align: left;


Thank you, @DerMolly, I didn’t know that I can use a style tag ; I tried to figure out a way with the slideOption feature, but I don’t find a page that explains what are the option.
Following the reveal.js documentation, I can see how to use html tags and CSS to modify the appearance and the behaviour of my slides, but… I hoped to find a way for my students to not use HTML+CSS to enhance their presentation… Is there a page documentation for the slideOption feature ?

You can find the slideOptions documented here Slide Options - HedgeDoc