HedgeDoc CAS integration?

Hi there!

Out of full unknowledge, has anyone encountered a way to integrate CAS into HedgeDoc? I know the LDAP integration exists (info all on official website), but what about CAS?



Hi @smirosla and welcome to the HedgeDoc community!

HedgeDoc currently has no direct CAS support and actually I doubt that we’ll add that anytime soon. Adding new integrations always means maintaining them in the long run, and as neither we as the dev team use CAS nor there’s significant interest from the community in this, maintaining this seems to be not feasible.

I don’t know what software you’re using as CAS server, but when I quickly searched in the web I found that at least the “Apereo CAS project” supports acting as an OAuth2 server (see these docs). OAuth2 is supported by HedgeDoc and could be used in this case.

Another solution would be to look into a software that can proxy between different auth protocols. As HedgeDoc supports OAuth2, LDAP and SAML for SSO-solutions, there might exist some usable auth-proxy software.

I hope this helps.

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