Hedgedoc in an email


First I’m a newbie and I’m sorry for all the skilled people, I’ve just discovered Hedgedoc and coming from OneNote it’s day and light ! Great Job

I’m using this great tool to do minutes of meeting and I was wondering if I could embed the note in an email (outlook) so that people can make a feedback more easily ?

Thanks a lot,

Hey @pistou79,

I’m not to familiar with what exactly outlook is doing more than regular emails, but at least in regular emails I’m sure that’s impossible.

Might I suggest simply adding the link to the mail? This should work mostly the same in practice.


Hello DerMolly,

Well the idea was to have in the email the exact same looking as the hedgedoc link since outlook can deal with HTML.

So far we integrated the link to a dashboard thus shall be good for us.

Thanks for the feedback,