How do I run HedgeDoc locally without signin authentication and database integration?

I want to use HedgeDoc to edit documents without needing to access the internet. Since it’s for private use and I just want to open and edit/save to local files I wish I can get rid of the authentication component as well.

In essence: Click on a file, and the file opens to the browser rendered by HedgeDoc.

I’m sure I’m not the only person with this requirement but there doesn’t seem to be a feasible way that is obvious. The technology behind this has also been terribly intimidating to me after exploring it for a week since the holidays.

I’m open to learning more about the tech behind so I can contribute to making changes to it in the future. But at this point I’m so lost and discouraged I’ve almost just paid hackmd for premium.

TLDR. Can anyone help me or point me to some direction in how to set up HedgeDoc as a local editor.

Hi @0hjses0v and welcome to the HedgeDoc community!

Being a collaborative online editor, the core functionality is quite different from an editor for local files.
HedgeDoc notes are stored inside a database and therefore the internals are not file-based.

For the foreseeable future we won’t change this model.

You could try to build something using the CLI but keep in mind that such a workflow won’t ever feel like opening a file in a native application.

Kind regards,