How stable is the Demo?

I am super happy to have stumbled upon CodiMD last week. It’s already very close to what I’ve been looking for. Since I don’t have a server to run an instance myself, I have started leaning heavily on the application. My question here is: How stable is this version? Can I just use it ?

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Welcome to the community and nice that you ask. You can consider the demo instance rather stable, but not as stable as a regular release. We run the latest master branch there, which will be soon containing version 2.0 which might causes some hickups. But generally speaking over the past year, we had a wonderful uptime score and the number of times we were contacted about problems with the demo instance should be countable with one, maximum two hands.

We also don’t delete notes there intentionally, so from that perspective you don’t have to expect your notes to be lost every week. BUT and that should be said, we also don’t guarantee that your notes won’t be lost. After all, it’s unstable code and it might does rather weird things. We have daily backups, but we try to avoid to use them.

Also we explicitly don’t recommend the demo instance for personal notes. Main reason here: It uses Cloudflare. Cloudflare has it’s very own share of problems, one being that it’s intercepting all TLS traffic between your browser and the demo instance. This allows us to provide the demo instance even in countries that otherwise would have a too high latency to try CodiMD in any useful way, but of course has the down side of being rather insecure when it comes to actual privacy. Personally I think for a demo instance that’s an acceptable trade, but in general we recommend to run an own CodiMD instance.

So yes, all in all: Code-wise the demo instance acts as a testing platform. Privacy-wise it’s to consider public but overall if you just need a few notes you want to edit together with your friends, it’s definitely a fine choice to use CodiMD.

Hint for tor users: If your tor-browser picks up the alt-svc-header, it should be able to talk to the tor service on the demo-instance host, without Cloudflare in between.

Hope that answer your question :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply and thoughtful answer. I guess it does answer all my questions and considering everything you said, I’m quite sure the demo version is much more stable than anything I could host myself :wink:

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For those who wonder: The demo is currently running the 1.x code from codimd/server, not codimd/react-client. Nevertheless UI feature requests should be filed in the react-client repo.