How to import Markdown files (from HackMD)?

My version of CodiMD is: unknown (instance of @Amolith)

What I expected to happen:

Have a button “Import Markdown” which opens a file select dialog where i can select multiple Markdown files or a zip file (HackMD export) and import them.

Drag and Drop into the history would also be nice UX.

Maybe this is a feature request?

What actually happened:

I don’t find an import feature.

I already tried:

searched in UI, forum and github issues

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Hey, welcome to the community. :wave:

We currently don’t support such a feature through the UI, while it sounds like an excellent idea to add such a feature. But if you are not scared of the CLI, we have the codimd-cli project that can do this already.

Also, you can always find the version of CodiMD at the bottom of the index page at the source code link. It should lead you to the exact commit running :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I use HackMD for years and it’s one of my favorite software. I’m happy that a community fork exists and try to migrate now.

So do you accept this as a feature request or should i create an issue on GitHub?

I’m not scared :smirk_cat:

This way i was able to import a whole directory:

[davidak@X230:~/code/cli/bin]$ for file in ~/Downloads/hackmd/*.md; do xdg-open $(CODIMD_SERVER='' ./codimd import "$file" | awk '{print $4}'); done

(You have to open the imported note for it to appear in the history.)

Here is a feature request to make it more user-friendly:

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