How well HedgeDoc supports importing SVG files?

Anyone has experience that files are not getting well imported?

Hello! Anyone know why I can’t upload the image file of SVG (it disappears after trying to insert/copy it, literally)

Hello @Kylie,

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I just tested this by using a generic svg from wikipedia and uploading it onto a note in the demo instance and it was uploaded (I can download it again via the link), but it’s not displayed on the rendered side.

Is this what you’re experiencing as well? If not what exactly are you doing?


Exactly! It is not displayed on the rendered side.

Therefore I believe SVG files are not displayed on the rendered side. Anyone knows how to fix it now, or will Support check this issue?

The cause of the problem isn’t in HedgeDoc itself but in the configuration of the demo instance. It seems like our storage on delivers SVGs not as images which then violates some CORS rules. There is nothing you can do right now except hosting the file somewhere else or using a non-vector image.

If you’ve used the demo instance, it’s also worth mentioning that the demo instance should not be used for important documents because it can be wiped any time without previous notice.


Understood! Thank you. I will see how it gets presented in no-demo platform.