Image upload fail Docker

My version of HedgeDoc is:

docker-compose / Image:

- /etc/hedgedoc/uploads:/hedgedoc/public/uploads

What I expected to happen:

image uploading

What actually happened:


2021-07-27T17:12:52.299Z error: Error while moving file

I already tried:

grant permission of folder to dockeruser, use home directory of dockeruser

Removed the volumes, uploading is working

Anyone an idea whats the problem?


I too face the same issue it because the node application is running as hedgedoc user and mounted volumn is as root.

So if we can run the node app as root then it should fix the fix but not sure how to do without custom image.

if somebody can help it could be great

Hello together,

sadly we have no perfect answer for this problem yet and what’s causing it. With the upcoming 1.9 release we should get some better insight after we added the actual error message to the logs.

Meanwhile, could you check what uid owns the directory inside the container? docker exec <container> ls -lan /hedgedoc/public is the command for that.

Thanks for your Answer!

Hello @roscha444,

As you can see, the uploads folder has a different UID than the rest. Could you adjust the UID of the mounted folder to 10000? As hedgedoc inside the container runs with UID 10000 it’ll try to create files as this user, which it’s obviously not allowed.