Internal Server Error When Accessing Pad Before Authentication

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with our server setup, and I could use some help. Whenever I try to access a pad before authenticating, I get an “Internal Server Error.” Here’s a bit more detail:


Error Message: Internal Server Error
When It Occurs: When attempting to access a pad before logging in.

Steps Taken:

Checked server logs for specific error messages.
Verified that authentication works fine for other parts of the site.
Ensured all server dependencies are up to date.


Has anyone experienced a similar issue with internal server errors before authentication?
Are there any specific configurations or settings I should check to resolve this?
Could this be related to the authentication method or the way the server handles pre-auth requests?
Any tips on additional troubleshooting steps to pinpoint the problem?
Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I have followed this- Internal server error when access a pad before auth · Issue #1768 · hackmdio/codimd · GitHub

Best regards,