Is it possible to customize the thumbnail preview?

My version of HedgeDoc is: HedgeDoc 1.9.9

Hi, every time I share a link to a Hedgedoc document in, say, Whatsapp, it shows up a big logo image as a thumbnail as shown:

Is there any way to customize that? The logo is nice, but when it’s about certain documents it looks not really professional. Thanks!

Hi @cla and welcome to the HedgeDoc community!

The preview image is changeable on a per-note base using the frontmatter metadata.

Relevant for this are the OpenGraph settings: YAML Metadata - HedgeDoc

An example:

title: My note title
  image:type: image/png

# My heading

My note content

This results in the following preview:

Kind regards,

Thanks Erik! This is nice.

Is there any way this can be changed site-wide?

No, there is no global configuration for this.

To apply your frontmatter to new notes however, you can modify the template that is used for new notes (per default it’s blank). It is located as a file under public/ in your installation directory.

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