Is there a way to get notes URLs from database?

Hi. I’m trying to get a list of all notes along with URLs to share this list with some people, but I don’t know how to get the URLs from the database (I am using psql to make some queries).

I don’t know what is easier to do: get it from database or change history functions to show all notes to my team.

Thank you.

Hi @leandroramos,

the long note URL is an encoded form of the UUID found in the database.
However, with each note a “short id” will be stored in the database. This is usually used for the shorter links to the read-only page. But this id works also to access the note itself.

Your query would look like SELECT shortid FROM Notes;

If you get some id, e.g. abcde123, you just need to prepend your instance domain to get a link. For example

I hope this helps you with your request.

Best regards,

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Thank you, @ErikMichelson. It was exactly what I needed.