Length limitation in note

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.7.2

What I expected to happen:

Bypass limitation :slight_smile:

What actually happened:

I have a problem with length limitation. I create a course and I can’t write anymore because the character limitation has been reached

I already tried to write in last version of hedgedoc (Demo version Demo instance) and i have the same issue.

Hey @Anoskar,

Welcome to the community forum.

Firstly I‘d very much recommend you (or your admin) updates the instance you‘re using. There were quite a few security issues fixed since 1.7.2.

Secondly the admin of an instance is able to extend the length of the notes via the Config option documentMaxLength (See Configuration - HedgeDoc). This is possible, but please be aware that a drastic increase of this limit and the size of documents you work on in HedgeDoc may impact your performance drastically.


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Thx for the reply !