List of published HedgeDoc sites?

Hello. I just found out about HedgeDoc. I saw lots of things on Features - HedgeDoc that look exciting, especially the ability to render different types of diagram and notation.

I assume that with all these features, some people are using HedgeDoc to publish (simple?) websites. I searched for a list on the web and on this forum and couldn’t find one. Would it be worth starting such a list on this forum?

Hey @crantok,

welcome to the community forum.

I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be worth it, so feel free to start one.


I am happy to start a thread if that’s what you mean.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any sites to list. I went to but it doesn’t know about HedgeDoc yet. To suggest a new technology there, you need to give it some example sites.

Hi @crantok If that is any help, I made based on Flask and Pandoc, with different pad services as markdown source.

I can also think of which can produce a multi-page website.