MIgrating to 1.9.0 fails


I´v tryed to upgrade from 1.7.2 to 1.9.0. After serveral errors and upgrades I´ve successfully startet hedgedoc, but it breaks during database-upgrade:

root@HedgeDoc-v3:~/hedgedoc# yarn start
yarn run v1.22.10
$ node app.js
2021-11-24T17:22:55.102Z warn:  Neither 'domain' nor 'CMD_DOMAIN' is configured. This can cause issues with various components.
Hint: Make sure 'protocolUseSSL' and 'urlAddPort' or 'CMD_PROTOCOL_USESSL' and 'CMD_URL_ADDPORT' are configured properly.
2021-11-24T17:22:55.107Z warn:  Session secret not set. Using random generated one. Please set `sessionSecret` in your config.json file. All users will be logged out.
2021-11-24T17:22:55.329Z debug:         dmp worker process started
2021-11-24T17:22:55.559Z info:  Executing (default): SELECT 1+1 AS result
2021-11-24T17:22:55.569Z info:  Executing (default): CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `SequelizeMeta` (`name` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY);
2021-11-24T17:22:55.570Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA INDEX_LIST(`SequelizeMeta`)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.571Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA INDEX_INFO(`sqlite_autoindex_SequelizeMeta_1`)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.577Z info:  Executing (default): SELECT `name` FROM `SequelizeMeta` AS `SequelizeMeta` ORDER BY `SequelizeMeta`.`name` ASC;
2021-11-24T17:22:55.585Z info:  Executing (default): CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `SequelizeMeta` (`name` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY);
2021-11-24T17:22:55.586Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA INDEX_LIST(`SequelizeMeta`)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.586Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA INDEX_INFO(`sqlite_autoindex_SequelizeMeta_1`)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.588Z info:  Executing (default): SELECT `name` FROM `SequelizeMeta` AS `SequelizeMeta` ORDER BY `SequelizeMeta`.`name` ASC;
2021-11-24T17:22:55.590Z info:  == 20180326103000-use-text-in-tokens: migrating =======
2021-11-24T17:22:55.592Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA TABLE_INFO(`Users`);
2021-11-24T17:22:55.594Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA INDEX_LIST(`Users`)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.594Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA INDEX_INFO(`sqlite_autoindex_Users_1`)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.595Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA INDEX_INFO(`sqlite_autoindex_Users_2`)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.596Z info:  Executing (default): PRAGMA foreign_key_list(Users)
2021-11-24T17:22:55.597Z info:  Executing (default): CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `Users_backup` (`id` UUID UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY, `profileid` VARCHAR(255) UNIQUE, `profile` TEXT, `history` TEXT, `accessToken` TEXT, `refreshToken` TEXT, `deleteToken` UUID, `email` TEXT, `password` TEXT, `createdAt` DATETIME NOT NULL, `updatedAt` DATETIME NOT NULL);
2021-11-24T17:22:55.598Z info:  Executing (default): INSERT INTO `Users_backup` SELECT `id`, `profileid`, `profile`, `history`, `accessToken`, `refreshToken`, `deleteToken`, `email`, `password`, `createdAt`, `updatedAt` FROM `Users`;
2021-11-24T17:22:55.600Z error:         Validation error
2021-11-24T17:22:55.600Z error:         Database migration failed.
This can be the result of upgrading from quite old versions and requires manual database intervention.
See https://docs.hedgedoc.org/guides/migration-troubleshooting/ for help.

What can I do to fix this?

Best regards,

I would try to log into the database and execute

SELECT id, profileid from Users

Perhaps some profileid repeats. You could delete these accounts.

But: that’s just a guess.

It´s a sqlite3-Database. How can I do this?

For working with sqlite databases there are tools like SQLiteBrowser.