New Maintainership for the server repository

Hello Community,

I’ve been running the project for a quite long time for now. Mainly as person who coordinates PRs and fixes critical problems. Sometimes I also went ahead and implemented a small feature here and there but overall I was mainly reviewing things.

As 2.0 is upcoming we got many new contributors and the development especially with the new Frontend has amazing progress. As someone who always hold stability over feature richness it was a bit of a rough ride to get it all together and find the right balance between breaking changes and keeping everyone familiar with CodiMD but we figured that out.

But as I maintain CodiMD in my spare time and recently found a lot more joy in other projects as well, I think the progress of the server-side works might suffered from me being unable to dedicate enough time to all my side projects. After some talking with @davidmehren and @amenthes, I decided that @davidmehren will take the lead of the server repository development for now and I’ll step into background. As he wrote the majority of the changes for 2.0, he surely is the right person for the job and is probably more familiar with the new codebase than I’m am.

I’m looking forward to his work and will continue to support CodiMD and the community in all other areas from onboarding people, over bring in ideas from here and there, to social media. I hope you can get behind this and are as excited as I am to see how 2.0 turns out.



@sheogorath thanks a lot for your work!

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@sheogorath thanks so much for all your hard work and the regular summary updates, we really appreciate it!

It’s been amazing to watch this project grow and thrive over time, and it’s remained a core part of my own and my entire company’s workflows. I’m not sure if it exists already, but if there is ever a Patreon/Sponsorship program set up, we’d be happy to chip in $20/mo (and more if permissions are implemented! then we can switch from Google Docs and I can pitch it as a core expense).