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My version of HedgeDoc is: (docker) 1.9.9

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I want to use hedgedoc only internal with my team. Is it somehow possible to make all notes always visible to everyone on the overview page without extra sharing the url? We don’t need private notes.


Hello @satrik and welcome to the HedgeDoc community!

HedgeDoc 1.9.9 unfortunately does not support this use case of a public note list.
We’re aware of that feature request and plan to implement it in HedgeDoc 2.0.

As our development focus is on HedgeDoc 2, we’re only able to do the required maintenance work for HedgeDoc 1.x and therefore won’t add such a feature there.

A possible (manual) workaround would be to have one note where all note links are collected in your team. If you’ve got the “FreeURL”-mode enabled, that note could also be placed under an easy-to-remember URL like

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