Offering Merchandise

With the new logo on the way, how about selling merch? Like pillows, t-shirts and stuff? What do we need for that? How do we handle the money? What do we do about the trademark?

There are various possible goals that come to mind (and if there are more feel free to add!):

  1. make money
  2. spread the word
  3. I want a one-off item with that logo

I think so far we were not looking to make money in any way because (for now) the possible income doesn’t outweigh the overhead we’d have to face.

IMO the second goal is a very worthy thing to pursue. But if we only want the second and don’t much care about the first, we could allow the logo to be used unchanged for all kinds of merchandise. We wouldn’t profit monetary, but we’d probably see a ton of interesting ideas pop up.

Goal three is easy, I think everyone can do this anyway. Maybe not strictly from a legal perspective, but in practice I do not think that it matters here. If someone prints a hedgedoc-hedgehog onto a mug or tattoos themselves, I don’t think anyone would sue them.