OIDC config example with Keycloak (up-to-date)

My version of HedgeDoc is: 1.9.7

I am looking for a current example configuration for OIDC auth with hedgedoc (dockerized) in combination with keycloak as IDP. I only found an old thread from 2021 at

but I am not shure if this reflects the current status as of hedgedoc 1.9.x

Thanks for help!

There is actually an up-to-date example in the docs: Keycloak - HedgeDoc

  • Navigate to the client management page at https://keycloak.example.com/auth/admin/master/console/#/realms/your-realm/clients (admin permissions required)

Scanning the page in the docs I noticed that the URL is out of date for recent versions of Keycloak, where they decided to drop the /auth base path (which was very annoying to me when updating my deployment configs), so look out for that.


Did you find a solution?

If yes, can you tell what it is? Or how to improve the doc?
If no, I’m sure we can help!


@pierreozoux I will check the docs from Keycloak - HedgeDoc against keycloak 20 or 21 and post the changes here.

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