Poll on CDN usage

Since we have various dependencies but the more we integrate things with webpack the less useful become the CDN dependencies. I wonder how much effort we should put into keeping it there or if just drop it since on all smaller instances it’s trivial to ship the full JS directly from the CodiMD instance or an nginx reverse proxy.

Are you using USE_CDN or "useCDN"?

  • Yes, I use the CDN setup (USE_CDN=true or "useCDN": true)
  • No, I don’t use the CDN setup (USE_CDN=false or "useCDN": false)
  • I have no idea, I sticked with the defaults.

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Hey, 10 votes is not too bad! And that’s already a pretty clear picture.

Seems like there is not much love for CDNs :smiley:

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After reading this article, I think we should get rid of the CDNs entirely: