Proposal: [[wikilinks]] support (either in core or as an add-on)

Hi there!

I got to this community from Better Wiki support · Issue #443 · hedgedoc/react-client · GitHub, which suggested people interested in discussing moved to this forum. (Glad to be here!)

I am not the original creator of that GitHub issue, but I would also like to see [[wikilinks]] support in HedgeDoc. The reason I want this personally is that we use HedgeDoc as a complement (a sort of external editor) for a wiki-like system some friends and I develop, the Agora (GitHub - flancian/agora: A possible implementation of the Agora (

How it currently works for our community is that we use [[wikilinks]] in our HedgeDoc instance anyway, and those Markdown documents get exported (by a cronjob) and parsed by the Agora system, at which time the links go “live” (until then they’re just a typographic convention).

One high level proposal for how this could work would be to implement a setting (plugin based?) to make them “live” (clickable) in HedgeDoc, maybe optionally specifying a [[wikilink]] → URL resolution rule (in case you want them to link to a separate instance/URL space by default, or follow a different slugging/urlencoding convention).

The original GitHub thread made it sound like the team wasn’t interested in this feature, which is completely fair of course given the core focus of HedgeDoc; but I wonder if other people in this community would be interested in seeing this or something similar implemented as an add-on?

Thank you!

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