[resolved] Matrix server down?

For the past 8-10 hours I wasn’t able to see any of out matrix channels from riot/element. Does anyone else have this problem, too?

It seems to work with other homeservers. But as the channel lives on matrix.org this seems strange…

Our rooms are referenced via the matrix.org directory, but as matrix is a federated system, everyone should continue receiving and sending messages even if the homeserver that created the room is offline as long as other homeservers participating in the room are online.

If you can’t receive messages, it’s probably related to your homeserver. The matrix.org homeserver (on which your account resides) sometimes is a bit slow due to the amount of users using it. At least on their status page is no outage listed: https://status.matrix.org/

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The good thing about matrix is, that the room can’t be down. Every server that has at least one user in a room, participates in the room and has a full local copy of it. Afterwards they use a state resolution algorithm to figure out the room state each for their own. Means if there exists any problem, it’s a local one with either your homeserver or your client.

Only during the join process, as @ErikMichelson pointed out, there is a reference used to join the room in order to discover a viable source to download it initially. That what we have the room address #hedgedoc:matrix.org for. Those who run an own home server can also provide such an alias to help people discover it during server outages. In my case an alternative address would be #hedgedoc:shivering-isles.com which will send you to the same room as #hedgedoc:matrix.org.

To help you, @amenthes, I would recommend to clear the local cache of Element in the settings. This might solves the issue. Otherwise you might want to reach out to the matrix.org support option. They have a service email address if that helps.

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this is now resolved, it seems to have been a problem on my end. The error message was trying its hardest to lead me off track, though. That was worded in a way that I did not even try to look for an error on my computer.