Social media accounts

I guess “getting a website” is one of the next big things. But let’s grow healthy in an appropriated way for our project :slight_smile:

Right now, we just redirect to our GitHub repository.

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another thing I’d like to propose is: featuring parts of CodiMD. We rely on a ton of dependencies, most notably perhaps CodeMirror. So anything that improves them will also improve CodiMD.

So tweets in the form of

Did you know that CodiMD uses CodeMirror? We use it to give you a full-fledged code-editor. If you would like to know more, find them at …


Internally, CodiMD relies on Sequelize. This is what stores your Notes in a PostgreSQL database. To learn more about this, go to …


CodiMD uses ForkAwesome, which gives you a ton of icons within CodiMD. Something is missing? Propose it here:

and so on. It’s a little bit similar to Follow-Friday. Perhaps #DependencyDienstag?

What do you think in general? Its this something we should do?

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