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Communicating with our community which includes end-users becomes more and more important. Especially end-users often don’t use GitHub and may won’t join our Matrix channel. But most people these days run one or another social media account and would be willing to follow us there.

A major problem with social media is the fact that someone has to take care of it. Personally I run a more or less successful Mastodon account and a quite unsuccessful Twitter account. And both take already enough time from me to not add one more account.

But maybe someone else is willing to take this challenge and run a Mastodon or Twitter account.

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I would be willing to run the Mastodon account if you’d like!


Sounds great! I would definitely welcome it :slight_smile: @amenthes, any thoughts on this?

Any help is appreciated! Go right ahead!

If there is anything you need, feel free to reach out to me :slight_smile:

Any specific instance you want the account on? I do have my own at but I’m fine with wherever if you’d prefer a different one! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m wouldn’t recommend to use an instance where you already have an account (as this maybe becomes annoying with switching accounts all the time), so maybe fosstodon?

Not a really strong preference, I could also imagine things like or But I also don’t mind when you decide to go for your own instance :slight_smile: As I said, my main concern would be the account switching required to manage it :smiley:

Unless you’ve got anything against it, how about I’m looking for one that isn’t run by or behind Cloudflare. Plus the admin’s a friend of mine :wink:

As long as we can make sure we don’t have to move every view weeks because some smaller instance died, we should be fine, so sure, go ahead :slight_smile:

Even when I have to say that some statements in their terms are funny. Like the child usage policy ^^

Haha he actually hasn’t edited the terms at all :wink: Those are the default on all instances.

I can vouch for his stability and infra. Being part of the librehosters, we both have to have bus factor strategies in case something happens to one of us and ours is to give the other root access. He’s got a massive server, everything runs in its own dedicated container, and he does automated backups daily.

I’ve created the account and done some preliminary icons and such. What do you think?
I added the link here before I edited the account so the preview won’t show it lol.

:+1: I like it a lot! Looks great, now all that is missing is content :slight_smile: I guess we can solve this problem ^^

Any topics we should/want to tackle on your side?

We could do like a daily series of tips to using CodiMD. For example, I just found out how amazing slide mode is and will be using it to present at SouthEast LinuxFest next month. One toot could be something like:

Did you know #CodiMD has a slide mode? You can use it to create complex presentations just with Markdown and a few lines of YAML!

<link to an example>

<screenshot of the overview with multiple branches>

And so on. The account could also be used to announce new releases, talk about contributors/community members, etc.

How is this?

Nice! I like this first toot, time to make the account a bit more official!

I’m a bit worried that when we go for “daily tips and tricks” we’ll run into issues of having no more content after the first 3 weeks. But on the other hand, things are moving forward and for the first 3 weeks it can only help to grow the account, so let’s go for it. We might want to setup a pad with drafts.

So let’s go :slight_smile:

I think in 1.4.0 we could add a link to the Mastodon account in the footer.

In order to make sure we never end up with a dead link, I’ll create a redirect as we already did for translations and similar things, as this gives us control over the namespace :slight_smile:

How about

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That’s exactly what I was thinking as well. Doing it every other day would help.

That is a wonderful idea and I like the link!

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We could start a CodiMD pad with all tipps and check off those that were already posted. If the list is very long, I don’t see a problem with daily tipps. If the list gets shorter, we can always switch to longer intervals.

I would suggest to add a hashtag to those tips. In case anyone wants to mute daily tips to just receive release notifications and low-volume info, they should be able to do so as well. #EverydayCodiMD #LIFEHACK #CodiMDProtip #LittleKnownCodiMDFact #DailyShortTip?

Also: I really like the way handle their account. They sometimes do reruns of basic tips for newcomers. (I also their frequency of tweets/toots).

Here’s a tool that applies software workflows to tweets: . I just opened a ticket asking for mastodon support (issue #61).

Started a document to collect some old toots of mine, that could be re-used (with some updates).

Feel free to extend, improve and modify :slight_smile:

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It might be cool to put user feedback somewhere on a site or page like the “testimonials” you see other projects do. For example, these are some good ones I’ve seen so far:

In English (translated by DeepL), the last one is:

It’s really great software. Especially the presentation feature is great. And in the Fediverse they are also still.