Tags do not show in history

My version of CodiMD is: 1.7.1

I expected tags to show on the history page, as said in the features document

I created a pad for you to try things at https://pads.bachelay.eu/3YG238tcQUKIDeZPkYiIFA#


There seems to be a bug with the inline tag specification or in the feature page as to get this to work you need to have 5 #'s instead of 4 #'s at the beginning of the line. As you can see here (Just open it, then the note should be in your history and you should be able to see the specified tags.)

Please also note, that we don’t recommend using inline tags. This is a very old feature and will most likely be dropped in 2.0.

Instead you should use frontmatter to specify your tags (see the yaml-metadata note). Yes, the features page is really bad at explaining this and we have plans to rewrite it for 2.0, too.