Teaching/Workshop use of demo.hedgedoc.org

Hey HedgeDoc developers/community managers, I’m a long-time HedgeDoc/CodiMD user. I was wondering, would it be acceptable use to have, 10s of people using the demo.hedgedoc.org server to learn Markdown during interactive teaching workshops? We’ll advise people to use other resources for more permanent Markdown documentation needs, but we’d like to drop them into a text/render environment as part of our lesson material, and the demo server might be just the thing to get us there rapidly. We plan to set the expectation that what they type in that environment should be just about learning Markdown, nothing they’d ever want to keep. Thank You for all you do to make this awesome project available to the world!

Hey @jduckles,

welcome to the community forum.

This should be no problem from our part. Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee the demo won’t have an problems during your workshops (or any other time for that matter). I’m sure it will probably work just fine, but maybe think about a backup just in case…

In regards what you said, you want to tell your partcipants: This is exactly what I would tell them, if I’d host the workshop myself.

If there are any articles / news post or alike about this workshop afterwards, please feel free to link them here. We’re always happy to hear about such things.


Hey @DerMolly,

Oh awesome! It is still in the ideating phases, but would be a lesson as part of the global The Carpentries organisation which teaches foundational digital skills for research communities worldwide. Understood that there is no SLA and things might change. Mostly looking for that place to get them over-the-hump of creating Markdown content and seeing it styled.

Cheers! Jonah